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The role of corporate training is to ensure an employee has the knowledge and skills to undertake a specific operation to enable an organization to continue to operate. Fundamentally, corporate training is centered on knowledge transfer.

For example, conferences and workshops are an essential yet expensive part of business. E-Learning allows business executives to learn anywhere and at any time. You can learn from virtually any place with a computer or mobile device with an internet connection, meaning you can study from home, while on vacation or during your break.

Benefits of Akaza LMS for Corporate

Time and cost saving

Do not need to bring all the employees to a centralized location, thus avoiding overhead costs for accommodation, food etc. Opportunity cost such as employees spending time on training as opposed to spending time to generate revenues for the organization can be avoided.

Learn anytime at anyplace

Akaza LMS allows employees to learn at their convenience. This allows them to learn whenever they want, wherever they want on any device that they prefer.

Maximize employee productivity

All employees have different learning styles and learning capacities. Akaza LMS allows employees to learn at their own pace and enables employees to request for reinforcement materials if they need to strengthen their learning.

Record and measure employee performance

Akaza LMS gives you a snapshot of each employees learning skills and whether the training has enriched the employee or whether there is a need for further reinforcement. Employees can also track their own performance at any given point during their training schedule.

No infrastructure / setup cost

No attitional invesment is required for infrastructure (hardware/ software), and you need not worry about maintenance/support, since the Administrator would be provided the neccessary training.

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The world is booming as a knowledge economy. More and more people are interested in getting themselves qualified with the right qualifications. Education enables them to achieve many goals in their lives such as personal development, career progress or simply more knowledge.

However, people are constrained to attend actual classroom sessions due to many factors, especially finding time. Therefore, bringing education to where they are is the way forward. eLearning is the new way forward in education and learning.

Benefits of Akaza LMS for Institutes

Extend the reach of your institute

Education is no longer restricted to a classroom. Students from all parts of the country that aspire to follow your institute endorsed qualification, will now have the chance to achieve it. Institues will also have the opportuinity to reach a global audience through Akaza LMS. Geographical boundaries for expansion will no longer be an obstacle.

Ability to learn anytime and anywhere

Students can now pursue your institute endorsed qualification at their convenience. Basically at their own pace and their own place, on any device.as much as they need, Akaza LMS enables  Just in time and just enough learning.

Time and cost saving

There will be no need to worry about overhead costs such as rental for floor space, electricity, travel costs and lecture fees. According to some studies, the actual time required for training through eLearning averages about 50% to that of instructor-led training, further saving time and money.

Easier reporting/monitoring

Students and Administrators will have access to dashboards and reports, enabling easier monitoring of performance. Students could monitor their progress and identify if they need further reinforcements. The Administrators will have an easy to use control panel to schedule assessments, examinations and any alerts whenever required.

Hassle-free setup

No additional investment is required for infrastructure (hardware/ software), and you need not worry about maintenance/support, since the Administrator would be provided the necessary training.

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